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I know you.. you work hard on building your business.

You love connecting with your clients but are kinda over repeating yourself to them.

You know it would be much more efficient to have some videos that would immediately help people know you, relate to you, like you and want to work with you.

You’ve tried to make some videos yourself but the Lighting was Off, the Sound quality was terrible and you said “Ummm” way too many times. You wish you could edit the “Umms” out but Video Editing is a real PITA and you’re too busy to commit the time to trying to figure it out.

So you scraped the whole video altogether and wrote a blog post instead.


Or perhaps you didn’t want to see your work wasted so you put the Video on your Website but everytime you look at it you cringe because you know it’s not that wonderful and doesn’t represent your Brand like it should.

That’s where I come in.

I’m Danielle Ford and I help entrepreneurs like You package your Brand in video form.

After you’ve optimized your website with videos…

  • When someone asks “What do you do?”, you can send them a video explaining how your services can help them.
  • Instead of slaving away writing perfect blog posts, you can talk directly to the camera, and then find more clients from YouTube.
  • Do you shudder before having to ask for the sale? You can send viewers directly to your sales page where your video can ask for the Sale for you.
  • You’ll see higher conversions to your email list after potential customers watch your squeeze video.
  • You’ll stand out from your competition and position yourself as an authority in your industry.
  • You can package your expertise into an online program and make money while you sleep or are at the beach.

If this all sounds TOO EASY, that’s because it is..

Yes, there is a learning curve associated with Video Marketing, but once you learn the fundamentals of HOW your Videos should work, and Why.. and then learn the technical aspect of Video creation, it becomes a well oiled machine and the key component of your Marketing and Sales system.

I will teach you exactly how to Set up your Video Foundation, Build your Marketing funnel and Create the 5 Types of Videos that you need for your Website and Marketing inside my Free 3-part Video Training program, “The Hows and Whys of Video Marketing”.

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The How’s and Whys of Video Marketing