In 2011, I was going into my 3rd year of owning my skin care business. I had gone to beauty school when I was 17 and became an Esthetician, so for 8 years, that was all I knew how to do.

I had just hired more employees and brought in yet another retail line and I knew that just my clientele alone wasn’t going to cut it any more.

I had no budget for marketing so in typical Danielle fashion, I began learning on my own.

The marketing bug hit me hard and I became infatuated with learning everything I could about web design, graphics, SEO, video production and editing, copy writing for web.. you name it, I studied it. (If there’s a “For Dummies” book about it, I guarantee you I own it.)

danielle ford woman entrepreneur

I quickly realized how many ways there are to be able to make money online and being a single mom of 2 young children, the idea of being able to work from my computer at home or even on vacation really, really appealed to me.

But skin care was all I knew how to do! I was still paying off my student loans and I had just taken big steps towards expanding my studio. Could I just give that up? 

The short answer: yes. Yes. I could and I did.

In what some might call an “impulsive” and “crazy” decision, I shut the doors on the business I’d poured every ounce of energy and every dollar into for almost 3 years and I turned my back on my 8 year Esthetic career. Everyone thought I was crazy and I wondered if they were right.

Now, I knew that I could make money online but I still wasn’t sure how, so I started my personal blog which had absolutely no direction.

My first tagline was actually “Thoughts from an unemployed, single mother of 2”. I’m serious.

I spent the next year learning more and more tech skills while taking side jobs blogging, ghost writing, building wordpress sites, doing SEO and running social media accounts for companies.

..But I still couldn’t figure out how to make this “online thing” work for ME.

Enter: Marie Forleo.

I came across Marie Forleo’s youtube channel and of course, fell in love.

A few months later, Marie announced that she was throwing a live business and marketing event in New York and was giving away scholarships to attend (the conference was $1500 plus travel and lodging expenses).

I entered the contest by submitting a video explaining why I wanted to be there and crossed my fingers that I’d win. I didn’t. ::sad face::

But I decided to go anyway.

The event was life-changing. I can’t even explain it. I was surrounded by 250 entrepreneurs who all had thriving businesses that helped to change the world in some way. I felt a little out of my league because not only were all of these people world changers with huge hearts, they were also super successful and RICH.

I was having conversations with business owners about their strategies to take their businesses from a million dollars a year, to 5 million dollars a year.

(In my head, I was just thinking “I hope I come up with a strategy to pay my rent next month”.)

During the 3 days I spent with these phenomenal men and women, I kept trying to figure out a common theme.. what had they all done? And the answer was clear: They’d all gone through B-School. And they were all recommending that I do, as well.

It was hard for me to make the decision to take B-school because I felt like I already knew enough. I actually had a lot more technical knowledge about online marketing and was even giving SEO and video lessons during breaks. These super-successful entrepreneurs were avidly writing down notes that I gave them, they didn’t have near as much “technical knowledge” as I did, so I wondered what they knew after going through B-school that I didn’t.

Luckily, I am a huge believer in finding people who have what you want and then doing what they did. And I couldn’t deny the fact that the only thing missing was B School.

So when enrollment came around 3 months later, I jumped right in and I can honestly say with every truth of my soul that it was the BEST DECISION EVER.

I was originally concerned about the price, but knowing what I do now, I would’ve easily paid 10 times that amount. I’m not even kidding you. Just the community that I became part of when I joined was worth that investment.

When I joined B-school, I knew that I wanted to help young moms go after their dreams. That’s it. That’s all I knew about what I wanted to do. I didn’t even have a website up.

During the 8 weeks that I went through the program, I did so much work. But I didn’t put any of it online.

I did all of the back end work and was glad I did because the program kind of wraps around itself and doesn’t make a ton of sense until you’re done. I had done so much writing and thought work and research because I was told to, without understanding why, and by the time the final module was released, I was like “Ahhh ok I get it!” and then I had so much content created and my website was pretty much put together.

I still can’t believe I learned so much from B-school in only 8 weeks.

The core 6 modules that B School covers taught me exactly how to find my target market online (young moms), how to script things the right way for the web. (Web writing is much, much different than traditional writing.) I learned how to eliminate competition, how to brand myself, how to start from the beginning and choose what money-making methods I wanted to use and how to draft a profit plan.

I learned how to build a WordPress site, even though I already knew, there were a ton of things that I was like “Omg! How did I not know that?” I learned about conversion rates and how to track stats. The ins and outs of list building were much better explained to me. I realized that I had been going about blogging all wrong. I learned the importance of guest blogging and doing interviews and the “right way” to pitch yourself to media outlets.

The best part was getting clear instructions on how to develop digital products and programs. (This is a great way to make money online). Once you create a program around something that you know, it can be sold online while you’re sleeping or on the beach. Cash money.

My personal favorite part though, and probably because I love writing, was the final module which went over copy writing, sales letter writing, headlines and all sorts of writing secrets.

I go back to this ALL THE TIME. And that’s why I’m glad I waited to publish anything I had written during the program because what’s the point in doing all that writing, if you’re not gonna use the tried-and-tested methods to get people on your email list, buy from you or become your client, right?

There are also a lot of awesome bonuses, like a tour inside exactly how Marie runs her business, videos of her talks from past conferences and a ton more that’s super-valuable in itself.

B School has so much stuff in it, it’s awesomely ridiculous.

The only thing B-school DIDN’T have (which I was a little bummed about) was training on how to shoot and edit video.

I think know that video is the future and just like blogs have killed print, video will kill blogs. That’s why I’m so big into video blogging and do so much of it for

So after I finished B-school and got Young Moms Club up and running, I dove into learning everything about creating high quality videos and then I took my B-school knowledge and my video knowledge and created Social Lights Video.

This is my 2nd year as an affiliate for B-school, which means that I get a commission if you join b-school through my link.

(I was raging about B-school and signing up friends wayyy before I was an affiliate. I only promote products I believe in and would sell to my sister.)

But anyway.. as an incentive for you to join B-school through my referral, I am offering some super-valuable stuff.

If you decide to take that step, then I will give you for FREE my signature program “The DIY SocialLight” (usually sells for $597) and personal coaching/masterminding with me through the entire 8-week program.

This is really exciting for me because this is the first time since I joined B School that all of the content is upgraded and BRAND NEW. So I’m going through the entire thing again with a fresh mind (along-side you, if you’d like).

Let me tell you a little more about my video program and my coaching services…

“The DIY SocialLight” is a 4-module program where I teach you everything you need to know to create your own website videos that match everything you’ll have learned with B-school.

b school video marie forleo
  • Prepping for Perfection

    • IDEAS- You’ll learn how to brainstorm ahead so that you’re never left without content. Consistency is KEY.
    • SCRIPTS- Your scripts have a purpose. That is to convert and sell. I’ll show you how to write them.
    • IMAGE- YOU are your brand and you need to be seen the right way, as an authority figure. I’ll help you get your message across, while letting your natural personality show.
  • Focus on Filming

    • CAMERAS- You’ll make some awesome vids whether you’re using your smart phone, a DSLR or anything in between.
    • AUDIO- Learn how to get your message clearly heard by using the right kind of audio.
    • LIGHTING- Wanna film on your couch? Outside? With a fancy background? Or a green screen? I’ll show you how to set up the ambiance.
  • Editing made Easy

    • IMOVIE AND WINDOWS MOVIE MAKER- As long as you have one these, I can show you how to make your editing a breeze.
    • INTRO VIDEOS- Want a quick flash of your logo or something more impressive with video and music? It’s simple to do, I’ll show you how.
    • OUTRO VIDEOS- These are very important for capturing a lead or a sale. I’ll teach you all about it and walk you through.
  • Mastering Marketing

    • SETTING UP YOUR CHANNEL- There’s a certain way to turn random viewers into subscribers and raving fans. I’ll show you my system.
    • UPLOADING VIDEOS- Using the right Title, Description, Keywords and Tags is the connection between you and your target market.
    • ADVANCED SEO- SEO= Search Engine Optimization, which means getting your video to the top of Google. I’ll share my Secrets.

If you’re not sure why you need to be using videos, check out my 3-part Free Video Training series, “The Hows and Whys of Video Marketing”. Click here to access it.

The “DIY SocialLight” opens twice a year. The next round starts in June. This is perfect timing for you to finish up B School in May and dive right in to learning video marketing.

I will be your personal coach during this course, as well, which actually makes your free coaching a total of 14 weeks! Holy moly… hope you don’t get sick of me 😉

You can check out the services I usually offer and prices by clicking here. You’ll basically be getting all of that and more! Tough to put a value on all of it.

I release all of the modules for the DIY SocialLight at once and leave myself available to coach you for 6 weeks, so you can go through at your pace or jump around if you choose. If you’re not ready to start in June, no problem, you’ll have access to this program for life (even when the price goes up and as I had new content).


Now back to B-school!

I’ve already told you exactly why I’m so happy that I made the decision to create my own business and how B-school changed everything for me.

If you feel like B-school is exactly what you need, you plan to use video in your future marketing, and you’d love some personal coaching, then make sure we don’t lose touch.. Sign up below so I can notify you when B school opens and answer any questions you have.

Yes! I want to join B-school and receive “The DIY SocialLight” and private coaching Free! (Click to register)

**You’ll have to purchase through the link above, so that I get credit for the sale and in turn can give you your sweet freebies!

If you’re unsure about joining this year or cost is an issue, then check out this free video course where Marie gives away TONS of priceless information about how to grow your business online.

And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to e-mail me back. I can seriously talk about videos, marketing and B School all day!