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Here‘s a Breakdown of what you’ll learn in this 3-part Free Video Training Series..

  • Video #1- Video Foundation

    The mistake many newbie video creators make is not having clarity on what the purpose of their video is. In this training, you’ll learn the 4 anchors that together, create your video foundation.

    You’ll get clear on:

    • Who exactly your Video is intended for..
    • How to Spotlight the Value you offer, making your Offerings seem Irresistible..
    • A Strategy to clearly explain “what you do” without Confusing or Distracting your Viewers..
    • A Super-simple Method to get your viewer to take whatever Action Step you choose, ie: “Call me!.” “Buy my product!” “Hire me!”


  • Video #2- Video Conversions

    In the second part of this free video training, I’m going to breakdown for you the entire Marketing Funnel. This is what your competitors are using and what you should be using to.

    I’ll clearly explain what all of the below means, how you should use them and how they all work together to Sell your Products and Services:

    • Social Media- Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, Tumblr, Snapchat, Vine, etc..
    • Blogs & Articles
    • Keywords
    • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
    • Ads and PPC
    • Websites
    • List Building

    Grab a pen and paper for this one because you’re going to plan out your Marketing Funnel. Then you’ll get the steps to add your Videos into it, positioning yourself as an Authority in your Industry, and Converting browsers, viewers and fans into Customers and Sales.

  • Video 3- Types of Videos

    All videos are NOT created equal!

    You need to know before you hit “record”, exactly what type of video you’re making. Here are some questions you need to be able to answer:

    • Is this video for my website? Which page? What’s the main purpose of the video?
    • Is this video going to be posted on YouTube? Who am I trying to reach?
    • Is this going to be a private video? Am I giving it away for free? Is it going to be part of a paid program?
    • How will this video help me build my list?
    • Is this video going to convert to actual sales? How?

    There are 5 main types of Videos that you need to have an effective Marketing Funnel and convert views into Sales. Your answers to the above questions will determine which kind of video you will make.

    Each video will be a chosen length, require a different level of professionalism, be filmed in a certain setting, and scripted a certain way to get optimal results.

    You’ll wanna plan your videos out to get optimal results before you put all of the work in that videos require.

    I’ll simplify each Type of Video for you and you’ll know Exactly what you need to Film (and Why). You’ll have a completely new outlook on videos and be ready to create your marketing plan the second you’re done watching all 3 parts of the free video training series.

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