This easy Step-by-Step program will have you creating Videos that Build your List, Make a name for Yourself and Increase your Sales.. in a matter of days!

    If you use the internet to sell your products, your services or you’re just simply trying to change the world, then you need to be using video.

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Watch this video to learn what the Do-it-Yourself SocialLight is all about.


Still not sure the DIY SocialLight is right for you? Let me tell you a little about myself and my relationship with online video..

I’m Danielle Ford and I spent a few years working as a Spokes Model for a few different high-end companies. I traveled the West Coast, interviewing big wigs at conventions, starred in a National commercial and landed gigs on 2 separate reality shows that were aired on E! and A & E. I picked up many unique tips and tricks to getting comfortable on camera and how to deliver lines the correct way to make sure that the entire message got heard.

spokes model videos

Then I started my next venture. I opened a skin care business and began learning how to market my services online incorporating several different tactics including (you guessed it!) VIDEO.


Once I realized the potential the interwebs had and that I could both have a business online and the freedom to stay home with my kids, I was sold. I closed my skin care studio and dove in to learning more about online and video marketing.

It wasn’t as easy as I thought.

I started out filming videos at my kitchen table (with terrible lighting) where I would just ramble on and say “ummm” 50 million times.

Then I “upped my game” and put together a makeshift green screen out of poster board and hung it above my bed.

how to make green screen

I’m not gonna lie to you, I made quite a few terrible videos. If there were mistakes to be made, I made them!

You could say I went to school on myself and it showed. Either my message was unclear, the lighting made me look like an old lady in a cave, you could barely hear me over the background noise, or the editing job was amateur.

Even on the rare full moon when I managed to do all these things like a pro, I still missed the mark. How? I failed to market my video correctly.
It took me a while but I finally got a system down to produce high quality videos every single time.

Now I’m creating videos that get 10s of thousands of views- which turns into Leads and Sales!

create youtube videos

That’s what the Do-it-Yourself SocialLight is for.

It’s an Easy and Affordable Do-It-Yourself program for Entrepreneurs to make high quality, professional marketing videos, that will reach tens of thousands of people in their market.

Tens of thousands!! Per video! We all know what that means. Simple online math: Views= Leads= Sales= You sipping a daiquiri with one of those stupid little umbrellas that we love so much on the beaches of Maui while your videos continue to create more sales for you.

Basically, I made this so you can just start the right way, from day 1 (or whatever day you’re on) and save yourself all the time and trouble that I went through to figure it out.

Here’s a breakdown of what the program will teach you.

Mod 1: Prep for Perfection

IDEAS- You’ll learn how to brainstorm ahead so that you’re never left without content. Consistency is KEY.
SCRIPTS- Your scripts have a purpose. That is to convert and sell. I’ll show you how to write them.
IMAGE- YOU are your brand and you need to be seen the right way, as an authority figure. I’ll help you get your message across, while letting your natural personality show.

Mod 2: Focus on Filming

CAMERAS- You’ll make some awesome vids whether you’re using your smart phone, a DSLR or anything in between.
AUDIO- Learn how to get your message clearly heard by using the right kind of audio.
LIGHTING- Wanna film on your couch? Outside? With a fancy background? Or a green screen? I’ll show you how to set up the ambiance.

Mod 3: Editing made Easy

IMOVIE AND WINDOWS MOVIE MAKER- As long as you have one these, I can show you how to make your editing a breeze.
INTROS- Want a quick flash of your logo or something more impressive with video and music? It’s simple to do, I’ll show you how.
OUTROS- These are very important for capturing a lead or a sale. I’ll teach you all about it and walk you through.

Mod 4: Mastering Marketing

SETTING UP YOUR CHANNEL- There’s a certain way to turn random viewers into subscribers and raving fans. I’ll show you my system.
UPLOADING VIDEOS- Using the right Title, Description, Keywords and Tags is the connection between you and your target market.
ADVANCED SEO- SEO= Search Engine Optimization, which means getting your video to the top of Google. I’ll share my Secrets.

But don’t take my word for it! Here’s what my past clients have said.

Brittany Williams

It was such a pleasure working with Danielle on our promo video. As much as I love being in front of the camera, she still had great insight and ideas to really make the video that much better. It was a fun and very comfortable experience with a great finished product at the end.

Brittany WilliamsMs. Nevada USA
Alicia Mejia

What I expected was a quality shoot, and of course Danielle delivered. What I didn’t expect were the 3 C’s… Coaching, Compassion & Comedy. Danielle gave me real-time feedback, had a genuine understanding of both my comfort level and objectives and wrapped it all in a sense of humor that completely took the edge off. She creates a space… for you.

Alicia MejiaCEO of Romance
Marquetta Goodwin

Today was my first experience working on a video with Danielle Ford. I let her know that I was extremely nervous because I had never done a video before. The pep talk Danielle gave me had me so calm that when it was time to record, I truly felt like I was talking in a room of my best friends.

I was confident and had so much fun, I didn’t even realize the camera was there. Before I knew it, I had given my message and the recording was done. Absolutely painless! From beginning to end, Danielle was an absolute delight to work with and I look forward to working with her again.

Marquetta GoodwinLeading Lady at International Girlfriend
Juliana Goldberg

Working with Danielle Ford was a great experience from beginning to end. Her knowledge in directing us with the script and how to deliver the lines was fundamental for the success of our video. Without mention, she is a pleasure to be in the room with! Great smile, great knowledge and amazing customer service! Thanks Danielle!!

Juliana GoldbergOwner of The Boudior Club

Is the “Do-It-Yourself SocialLight” right for me?

Before going any further with this, let’s make sure you’re a good fit for this program.

If you just want your video done for you, this is not for you. The DIY SocialLight is a Do-it-Yourself program. It requires initiative, get up and go, and a willingness to do the work. And it’s work. Fun. Rewarding. Lessons that will carry over into other areas of your life. But it’s still work.

Disclaimer: The above doesn’t apply if you’re purchasing this for an assistant or employee to go through, which I do recommend if you really don’t have the time yourself.
If you want to make the next Jurassic Park, this is not for you. I am Danielle Ford, not Steven Speilberg. There are no lessons on full length feature films. This is not a how-to on documentaries. I definitely can’t teach you how to film Avatar.

The DIY SocialLight will teach you to create MARKETING VIDEOS for your websites, products and services.

Common Sense Disclaimer: There is no “Get Rich Quick” scheme to online marketing. Period. The DIY SocialLight takes my years of knowledge, experience, know-how and trial and error and makes it easy-er for you, but it’s still a lot of work.

Whiners, complainers, pessimists and the faint of heart need not apply. You’re going to feel confused, frustrated and you’ll make mistakes along the way but it’s all going to worth it if you can stick with the program.
Think you have what it takes? If you’re still reading.. you probably do. Let’s talk about why the DIY SocialLight IS for you.

IF you can say YES to any of these questions…
The “DIY SocialLight” is right for you..

  • You already have a business (that needs more visibility) or a solid idea (that you’re ready to take to the next level).

  • You have a clear vision of who your customers (or potential customers) are and you want to make it easy for them to find you, while earning their respect.

  • You have a website and/or email list and you’re trying to build. Let’s face it, we all know that’s the way to make a profit from an online business.

  • You know the importance of video marketing but you’re unsure of some things and want practical advice, in bite-size, affordable pieces that you can accomplish from your home or office. Not a degree, not a certification, just actions and results.

  • You’re ready to “put yourself out there” but you still need true, practical, real-time advice. You know you still need some coaching with feeling comfortable on camera and delivering your messages.

If you answered YES to these questions, then the “Do-It-Yourself SocialLight” is definitely for you.

Once you’re officially enrolled, you’ll get Immediate and Life time access to all 4 modules.

The simple step-by-step video program plays on any device you fancy.

There’s nothing to download, everything is streamed as you watch.

diy media graphic

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the time commitment?

    This depends on you and how quickly you want to get your videos finished. All of the content is released at once and if you follow through continuously and you are going to film with equipment you already own, you could have your first videos finished in a day or 2. Otherwise, you’re free to work through each module at a pace that suits you.

  • Can I do a payment plan?

    Because all of the content is released at once, I do not offer a payment plan. However, there is a 100% money back guarantee, if you’re not happy with the program.

  • Are there any additional costs?

    If you have a camera on your phone and an editing program on your computer, you can complete the entire program and make professional videos with just that. This is the best way to get started. However, I do recommend using some more professional equipment which I talk about in detail in the program. I show you really inexpensive options for everything, as well as the higher priced options.

  • Where do I put my videos after I’m done creating them?

    I will show you exactly how to upload your videos and how to add them to your website.

  • When should I expect to make a return on my investment?

    I don’t have an answer to this except as quickly as you can get your videos done and out into the world is how quickly you’ll be getting more clients and customers. One video can drive multiple sales, so this is just up to you and how many videos you create.

  • What are the details of your money back guarantee?

    I offer a 100% money back guarantee, within 30 days of purchase. I do require that you prove that you’ve gone through the entire program to the best of your ability and that it did not work for you. If you’re still not satisfied once you’ve completed it, I am happy to give you a 100% refund.

I would be honored to be your video coach. Let’s do this!